About Us


Anxiety House is a unique clinic with a specific focus on the treatment of anxiety disorders (or Obsessive Compulsive Related Disorders on the OCD website). as we provide anti-anxiety medication. The clinic is known for providing evidenced based treatment for a broad range of anxiety disorders across all age groups. Our team of clinical psychologists lead the way in providing contemporary mental health care.

We offer a range of manualized treatment programs (e.g. Cool Kids, Break free from OCD) or individualised treatment plans. We regularly review outcome measures to ensure our clients are improving and if they are not, we modify the treatment plan to meet their expectations and treatment goals.

The clinic currently has six psychologists clinical trained working in either child, adolescent or adults with anxiety disorders. Our Director, Dr Emily O’Leary has specifically selected this group of psychologists because they either have a Masters or Doctorate thesis in the area of anxiety and they share her passion for treating people with anxiety disorders.