Fees & Rebates

Fees & Rebates for Counselling

Therapy is a big financial investment in your health, and we want to ensure that you can overcome your anxiety and reach your treatment goals. Therefore, we offer competitive rates, and every attempt is made to ensure that you are placed with the right therapist to suit your needs.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Medicare gap

$85.50 per 50-min session
  • A Mental Health Care Plan or Referral from your Doctor is needed to claim Medicare rebates.

Private Health

0 - $160
  • Rebates vary depending on your level of cover. Ask your private health insurer to find out.


$200 per 50-min session
  • Session fees from $200 if you are not claiming Medicare nor private health insurance rebates.


$200 per 50-min session
  • Please contact reception

  *No GP or Doctor referral is required.

How can I get help to pay for my sessions?

Mental Health Care Plan: Visit your GP and get a Mental Health Care Plan.  This plan allows you to receive 10 Medicare rebates over ten sessions in a calendar year. Please make a long consultation as the preparation of a Mental Health Care Plan can take up to 30-40 minutes. Clients are encouraged to register for the Medicare Safety Net.

Medicare–Chronic Disease Management Initiative (previously EPC Plan): This referral option is available for people who experience a chronic medical condition for a minimum of 6 months or more. It allows for 5 sessions with an allied health professional, which includes psychology appointments.

Private Health Fund: Please check with your private health fund as they may offer rebates for Psychological Services under ‘Extras’.

How to get the most out of therapy

Therapy is a huge financial investment, and we want to make sure that it works for you. Anxiety and Depression can have negative impacts on our levels of motivation, which can make it hard to want to attend appointments. This can lead to cancellations, rescheduling, or not prioritizing therapy. If this does occur, it is important that you speak with your therapist, so we can help you to improve motivation. Clients who have found therapy successful engage in the following:

Make therapy a priority

Do the work in between sessions

Set little goals and markers for change

Schedule sessions at a consistent time that works for you

Have realistic expectations for yourself

Find the right therapist and connect

Making sure you get the best outcome is our priority and a “win-win” situation for us. So book now!