How to Start Your Day With A Smile: Reducing Anxiety In The Morning

Everyone has morning routines they follow after a good night’s sleep to welcome a new day. For example, some enjoy stretching or going for a run, others enjoy washing their faces or taking a nice warm shower. However, some of us tend to find ourselves starting the day feeling anxious, and experiencing thoughts like: “I […]

Status Anxiety: Can Money Buy Happiness?

What is Status Anxiety? Status Anxiety occurs when an individual feels a sense of fear or insecurity regarding their occupation and financial standing. Those that experience status anxiety may feel that others look down on them or feel that they are less than others as a result of their background. This is such that those […]

The Relationship Between Eating Disorders, Anxiety and Perfectionism

What is an Eating Disorder? An eating disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by a maladaptive and obsessive preoccupation with body image, shape or weight in conjunction with extreme eating habits and exercise. It is estimated that approximately one in 20 Australians have an eating disorder with eating disorders experienced by 15% of […]

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Case example Mary is a highly qualified and much respected primary school teacher. The kids love her and her colleagues respect her skills. Seems perfect right? What people do not see is that she is constantly anxious and spends hours preparing for her class constantly ruminating about whether she is doing “a good enough job”. […]

What is good mental health?

Much of the conversation about mental health focuses on mental illness. But there’s more to mental wellbeing than simply being without mental illness. Think of mental health and a list of mental illness often springs to mind – there’s depression and anxiety, eating disorders and addictions, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to name just a few. […]

Build your stress fitness

You can’t avoid stress, but there is much you can do to help build resilience to the toxic pressures of everyday life. Your heart races, your muscles get tense and it’s hard to think straight. If you’re someone who gets stressed often, it’s tempting to think you’re just a born “stress head” and there’s nothing […]

Why is happiness so hard? 10 reasons, 10 solutions

Most of us don’t understand happiness. In fact, we go about it in reverse. Most of us get happy all wrong. This is because we were raised to think that life is supposed to make us feel good. We were taught to avoid pain like the plague, because negative events cause negative emotions, and negative […]

How to feel safe when bad things happen

Four ways to find security and comfort in the face of terrible tragedy.     After devastating national or international tragedies, we all find ourselves living in a world that is materially the same but psychologically altered. There are still the same necessary routines: making breakfast, getting kids to school, riding the train to work, and taking care of household […]

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

COLLEGE students tell me they know how to look someone in the eye and type on their phones at the same time, their split attention undetected. They say it’s a skill they mastered in middle school when they wanted to text in class without getting caught. Now they use it when they want to be […]

Stress Can Be a Good Thing If You Know How to Use It

With all the media and medical attention on stress and its negative health impacts, it is easy to reach the conclusion that stress is irredeemably bad—something to be avoided as much as possible. We have a different perspective. We believe that pursuing a “stress-free” life often causes more stress down the line—problems compound, and by […]