The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) defines hoarding as the compulsive purchasing, acquiring, searching, and saving of items that have little or no value. I was recently interviewed by University journalist student Taylor O’Connor on why people hoard. Article be Taylor O’Connor Compulsive hoarding is a condition plaguing many people around the world. […]

Perfectionism – Pros and Cons?

Perfectionism is a belief that there is a perfect solution to every problem and that doing something perfectly is achievable. Perfectionism can be adaptive or unhelpful depending on the function of the behaviour. Adaptive perfectionism has a positive impact and increases goal directed behaviour but negative perfectionism can include excessive concern over mistakes, unrelenting standards […]

8 Golden Rules

The following are ‘golden rules’ that families use to make a difference in fighting anxiety. However, it is important to do this alongside a therapist so we can explain to your child how your continual involvement (accommodation) only worsens the disorder, not that you are withdrawing because you are frustrated or do not care. Avoid […]

What are Thinking Errors?

It is normal for everyone to engage in some degree of negative thinking; however, when that negative thinking starts to interfere with your day, your enjoyment and ability to do things it may be time to do a “mental health audit” and start challenging those thinking errors. Here is an example of the top ten […]

Riding the Anxiety Wave

When you are anxious, messages are sent from the thalamus to either the cortex (thinking part) or amygdala (emotional part). The amygdala hijack (strong emotional reaction = i.e. breathing/ sweating/ going red/ etc.) is linked this to the evolutionary concept of … flight or fight “do I eat it/ or does it eat me”… While […]

When Should You Seek Help?

Anxiety Disorders comprise fourteen per cent of the population. People with Anxiety Disorders are three to five times more likely to go to the doctor than those without mental health difficulties. One in eight children is affected by an Anxiety Disorder which impacts on all aspects of their development. It is sometimes hard to know […]