Slowing Down in an Age of Speed

When I was around 10 and living in Sri Lanka, a new Chinese ambassador was appointed to the country. I had the honor of meeting him on several occasions because his wife, who missed her own children back home, often invited us for family dinners. Seated at the large round dining table, I remember being […]

Reward + Nap = Improved Memory and Learning

A new study suggests that when the learning process is accompanied by positive reinforcement, and then followed by a nap, memory improves. Specifically, researchers from the University of Geneva discovered memories associated with a reward are preferentially reinforced by sleep. A short nap after a period of learning appears to augment the learning and memory […]

Catastrophic Thinking Presentation

Click the link below to download Dr Emily O’Leary’s presentation from “The Sky is Falling” Info Night on catastrophic thinking. Catastrophic Thinking Presentation  

Positive Aging: 8 Ways to Age Better and Healthier

Positive aging refers to maintaining a happy lifestyle, staying healthy, engaging fully in life and feeling good about ourselves throughout our lives as we age. Aging means experiencing significant changes, such as changes in physical functioning, relationships, employment, etc. Having and maintaining a positive feeling towards aging can help us feel good and have a […]

What Good Is Guilt?

When it’s useful, when it’s not, and how to truly let it go. As a working mom, I’ve managed my share of guilt. Whether it was feeling guilty when I missed a field trip because of an important meeting or when I missed a work event because of a pediatrician’s appointment, I’m well acquainted with […]

25 Questions For Kids that Boost Self Esteem

Children love to talk about themselves, especially with a parent who is willing to listen.  When our children notice that we care, that we are interested in their world and experiences, they feel a strong sense of belonging and significance. Belonging and significance are two core components of feeling well and doing well. Casey O’Roarty, […]

Anxiety: 10 New Psychology Studies You Should Know

1. Acts of kindness can help reduce social anxiety Performing acts of kindness can help people with social anxiety mingle with others more easily. People recruited into the study were put into one of three groups for four weeks: One group performed acts of kindness, like doing their roommates’ dishes. Another group were exposed to various […]

Building the Perfect Day

Hack your routine to make every hour count!  We start every day hoping it’ll be great, maybe even perfect. But then, after snoozing, commuting, sitting in meetings, and grabbing junk food, we realize that, once again, we haven’t exercised, engaged with family and friends, or knocked much of anything off our to-do list. Staying up […]

Building Confidence and Resilience in Children

Resilience is not predetermined trait that children are either born with or their not – resilience can be learnt and fine-tuned by acquiring the appropriate life skills. The good news is, parents can play an active role in helping to build resilience and confidence in their children through honing in on the four main skills […]

12 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time—when speaking in public, for instance, or when going through financial difficulty. For some people, however, anxiety becomes so frequent, or so forceful, that it begins to take over their lives. How can you tell if your everyday anxiety has crossed the line into a disorder? It’s […]