Psychological Team

We would like to welcome you to Anxiety House and introduce our team of psychologists. The clinic currently has nine psychologists trained to work with either children, adolescents or adults with anxiety disorders. Dr Emily O’Leary, our Director, has selected this group of psychologists because they either have a Masters or Doctorate thesis in the area of anxiety and they share her passion for treating people with anxiety disorders. Please read the psychologist profiles so you may choose which anxiety psychologist Brisbane may best suit your needs. We really look forward to working with you.

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Anxiety House Clinicians

Psychology Team

Anthony Teoh

Principal Psychologist
Clinical Lead

Dr Emily O’Leary

Director Clinical Psychologist

Shelby Price

Clinical Psychologist Registrar

Hayley Cronin

Clinical Psychologist Registrar

Dr Ashleigh Trinder

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Angela Randell

Clinical Psychologist

Meredith Blampied

Clinical Psychologist

Tania Lake

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Sherwynna Lee

Clinical Psychologist

Sam Versace

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Michael Greber

Clinical Psychologist