Signs of anxiety in children

Fearful or anxious behaviour is common in children, especially when they are faced with new experiences or come across different situations. But if a child is experiencing an anxiety disorder, it can cause extreme fear and worry, and changes in a child’s behaviour, sleep, eating or mood. A child might need some extra support if:…

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What if you and your child have OCD

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has many challenges, but when you and your child have OCD, life can become hugely complicated and fraught with daily dilemmas because of the compulsions. As an adult you may work hard every day to live with this mental illness. However, when you have children with OCD it is…

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How to build your child’s resilience levels

Children need resilience to manage ups and downs they face during and after challenging or difficult situations. These can range from conflicts with friends to falling off a bike but also include emotional experiences such as disappointment, loss or rejection. Resilience is more than just coping Those with greater levels of resilience are better able…

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School Mental Health Awareness Week

Our gorgeous staff supporting the local Belmont State School Mental Health Awareness Week

17th October, 2018 and once again our lovely clinical psychologist Phoebe O’Leary, this time with one of the amazing admin staff – Tonia Dignan, have gone out to support local Belmont State School Mental Health Awareness Week. Parent Mental Health Morning at Belmont State School Posted by Anxiety House on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

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All Hallows’ School Brisbane

Visit to All Hallows’ School Brisbane

Our lovely clinical psychologists Phoebe O’Leary and Dr Daphne Bryan recently made the trip to All Hallows’ school in Brisbane  to speak to the students at their careers symposium about what psychology involves. Daphne and Phoebe spoke about the areas they specialize in and gave the students an overview of the pathways to become a psychologist and what psychology entails as…

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