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Mental Health Emergency Services


What training have the psychologists received?


Answer: Our psychologists at Anxiety House have completed a Doctorate or Masters in psychology (involving at least six years of formal study at University), and a thesis typically in the area of anxiety. Additionally, they have undergone considerable training and experience in treating and identifying types of anxiety disorders.


What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Referral letter from your General Practitioner or referring Professional.
  • Private Health Insurance Details (which may provide an additional rebate for allied health appointments)
  • Prior treatment records
  • List of current medications

What are your fees?

Our practice does not bulk bill and there is a gap payment. A 'gap’ refers to the monetary difference between what our Psychologists may charge you and the Medicare rebate – this is also referred to as the ‘out-of-pocket cost’.

A  Medicare rebate is available for all appointments, provided you have a current referral at the time of consultation. A Medicare Rebate is available for up to 10 Individual Therapy appointments per calendar year (January to December) with our psychologists. A monetary ‘gap’ will still be payable, and the gap amount depends on the practitioner.

In addition to 10 individual psychological sessions, you may be eligible for an additional 10 Group Therapy psychological appointments per calendar year (January to December) with an appropriate referral from your Psychiatrist or General Practitioner.

Combining Individual Therapy and Group Therapy treatment can be a cost-effective way of extending your treatment under Medicare.